Noteworthy Catcher Achievements



  • Buster Posey (SF-NL) was the 7th rookie in postseason history, and the 2nd rookie
    catcher, to collect 4 hits in a game, which he accomplished in the 2010 National League
    Championship Series
    when he went 4-for-5. The other catcher to have done this was Joe
    (STL-NL) in the 1946 World Series who also went 4-for-5.

  • Benjamin "Bengie" Molina, brother of Jose & Yadier Molina, will be
    the recipient of a 2010 World Series Championship Ring no matter which
    team (Texas Rangers or San Francisco Giants) wins the World Series.
    That's because Bengie played in 61 games for the Giants in 2010 and was
    subsequently traded to the Rangers on July 1st and played 57 games for
    them. Under current rules, he is eligible for both teams to receive the award.

  • Buster Posey (SF-NL) is the 5th Rookie (and the 1st Rookie Catcher) to
    hit a Home Run in the World Series, which he did on October 31st 2010
    in the 8th inning in Game 4 at Texas to cap off a Giants win (4-0).

  • Joe Mauer (MIN-AL) and Miguel Olivo (COL-NL) collected
    five hits in a game in 2010. Joe Mauer did it twice (Apr 24th & Jul 26th)
    and Miguel Olivo did it on May 12th, culminating that game in a Walk-Off

  • Bengie Molina (TEX-AL), newly traded from the San Francisco Giants
    to the Texas Rangers on July 1, 2010, hit for the cycle (single, double,
    triple, home run in the same game) on July 16th at Boston. He is the 15th
    catcher to have done so. As a part of this cycle, he hit a Grand Slam
    (only the 8th player to have done so in a cycle) and legged-out his
    sixth career Triple.

  • On 10/10/2010 in the 3rd and last game of the Phillies/Reds 2010
    Division Series, Carlos Ruiz hit a double on a 103.5 mph pitch by the
    Reds' Aroldis Chapman. According to Pitch f/x data, which goes back
    continuously to 2008, it's the fastest pitch that a batter has
    gotten a hit on.

  • Joe Mauer had, perhaps, the Greatest Catcher Season ever
    in 2009 when he won the A.L. Batting Championship, for the third
    time, equaling the total number of times (3) that a catcher has won
    that prize. Additionally, Joe won the Gold Glove Award, for
    excellence in fielding. AND he won the Silver Slugger Award for
    excellence in batting. Additionally, he is the first catcher to win
    the Sabermetric Triple Crown by leading his league in Average
    (AVG), On-Base Percentage (OBP), and Slugging Average (SLG).
    Most importantly Joe Mauer was selected as the American League's
    Most Valuable Player
    (MVP), only the 10th such catcher to be
    so named.

  • In 2009 Ivan Rodriguez passed Carlton Fisk for the Most Games
    Caught in a Career
    with 2,227 games. Fisk set the career record in
    1993 by catching his 2,226th game to beat out Bob Boone who held
    the record of 2,225, which he set in 1990.

  • Kurt Suzuki (OAK-AL) became the 8th catcher in Major League
    history to have 3 Assists in 1 inning, a feat he accomplished on
    6/18/2009 in the bottom of the 5th inning at the Los Angeles
    Dodgers. Suzuki's assists were unique in that they were to three
    different position players (2B, SS, 1B) which is the only time
    of the eight 3 assists in 1 inning that it was accomplished.

  • On Friday August 21, 2009 Nick Hundley (San Diego Padres) turned
    an Unassisted Double Play against the Cardinals. With Albert
    Pujols on first and Brendan Ryan on second both moving on the pitch,
    the batter, Matt Holliday, struck out. Ryan retreated to 2nd and
    Pujols advanced to 2nd. Instead of flinging the ball toward the bag
    Hundley simply ran past the mound and right to second base where
    he tagged both Pujols and Ryan both standing on the middle sack.

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